BCP: Will we need to keep away from those who have received the mRNA vaccine?

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Many experts warn that those who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 will become laboratories or factories for the production of spike protein. They will exhale or release through the pores of the body dangerous, even deadly viruses, and infect the unvaccinated. Therefore, some experts conclude that we will need to keep away from the vaccinated – e.g. by maintaining a distance...

Question: How to look at someone who has been vaccinated with the experimental Covid-19 vaccine? Response: Everyone has reason and conscience and is obliged to seek the truth and act according to it. If he does not seek the truth due to negligence and then causes damage to his health or the health of others, he bears the moral responsibility and consequences for it. An irresponsible driver can cause injury or death to himself or others. This principle also applies to those who did not seek the truth and were manipulated to receive an experimental, fatally dangerous vaccine. It is no excuse that the mass media vehemently promoted vaccination. Everyone should already know that the mass media purposefully tell lies and spread fake news. Many people have also been manipulated by various political or ecclesiastical authorities, but that is no excuse either.

Question: What should these people who have taken the vaccine do now? Response: They should repent, that is, admit the truth that they have been deceived and seek a solution.

Question: Should they now commit suicide because they themselves are infected and seriously threaten others? Response: By no means! According to the Church’s teachings, suicide is a grave sin and leads to eternal damnation. Hell is no fake. The solution is to turn to God, and ask for forgiveness for not seeking or even rejecting the truth. For the rest of their life they must now, in the first place, seek the truth and the salvation of their soul through faith in the Gospel and the following of Jesus. He says to you even today: “Take up your cross, and follow Me.” That cross is the vaccine impact. In this way they will prepare for repentant death and after that they will receive eternal life!

Question: Does it make sense in this case to pray for the miracle of healing? Response: It does! Nothing is impossible with God. He can heal many.

Question: How should the unvaccinated behave towards the vaccinated? Response: The following principle applies – maintain hygiene and distance. Nevertheless, they must reckon with the fact that they may be infected with the mutated viruses that the vaccinated will produce. According to the Gospel, it is necessary to forgive the vaccinated person, through whose fault many may even become victims of a deadly virus. That is why each of us must be prepared for death. How? Receive Jesus Christ, the only Saviour, and remain faithful to Him and His Gospel. He is the salvation of your soul, but He can also heal your body.

Question: The so-called Holy Father Francis strongly promotes Covid-19 vaccination for all! Is it right and moral? Response: Pseudo Pope Bergoglio has become a misleader and deceiver of the masses by promoting the mRNA vaccine. His statement that whoever refuses vaccination poses a threat to others and commits a sin is a gross crime. These are blatant lies. The opposite is true: the vaccinated individual is a threat to others and thus commits a sin.

Question: Did any church leaders speak out at the Summit in the USA on 7-9 May 2021? Response: Yes. Besides Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Bishop Schneider also boldly spoke out against the mRNA vaccine. The painful reality, however, is that Bishop Schneider is in inner unity with Bergoglio who, on the contrary, vehemently promotes vaccination.

Conclusion: The Summit in the USA has shown a clear direction; thank God for the brave doctors and other personalities who participated in it. All they have said should lead us to fight for the truth, to reject vaccination and to warn against it. But the most important thing is to turn to God and seriously bear in mind that eternity and God’s judgment is at hand. We should desire true and eternal happiness in heaven and beware of hell. This is the true wisdom of life! Our salvation is in Christ Jesus. In Him we have the forgiveness of sins and eternal life. It doesn’t matter if we die today or tomorrow! We already have eternal life in Christ. (1Jn 5:13)

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

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13 May 2021